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Brain surgery gym

Get a great body while you sleep
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Every night you check into the gym. A little quick surgery and your brain is removed, and a machine put in its place.

While you sleep the night away in peace and comfort (assuming you're not afraid of it being dark, quiet and no discernable temperature), the machines put your body through a good workout. They reinsert you in the morning, and you head off to work feeling well-rested and looking great.

Plus, the sudden rush of light and sound would be a great alarm clock.

sadie, Nov 24 2002

Dormatron - Lose wait while you sleep! http://www.sleepofflard.com
Lose weight while you sleep product, courtesy GTA [Chasm 007, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Oh man I can smell lawsuits... Imagine the ol' switcheroo...
Blue Persian Cat, Nov 24 2002

       So you get somebody *else*'s fit body for a day? Could be fun.   

       I suspect they'd ask you a few obvious questions when you wake up, to stop you walking out on the wrong legs. They could even print an ID number on your brain ;-D
sadie, Nov 25 2002


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