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Enliven text2speach

App adds livelyhood to boring droan on voices.
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This add-on to talking apps, will put life into the automatic reading.

First a manual decision or an automatic scan for sadness, excitement, humor or factual text is done.

Then the ups and downs of tone and volume are added to the person talking, along with delays and intonations.

pashute, Aug 23 2011

Similar in purpose if not function. Chat_20Enhancer
[FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2011]

tone of voice screenreader emotive_20augmentative_20communication
shameless plug [JesusHChrist, Aug 24 2011]


       What's elvinen?
pashute, Aug 23 2011

       the manual decision part would allow people to get really good at this and merge the world of assistive technology with the world of music technology. (see link) why is no one doing this?
JesusHChrist, Aug 24 2011


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