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CD player reverse button

Ever wanted to listen to a cd backwards?
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The other night, whilst getting ready for bed, I was listening to Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor. I was humming along, and then I thought, "It'd be pretty cool to play this backwards."

As I laid in bed, the wheels started to turn. As curiosity struck, being destructive and young, I found an old CD player and ripped it apart (for lack of those small screwdrivers) to get a look at the motor. Alas, it was encased in metal, and I lacked the energy to pry it open, nor did I want to destroy the mysterious insides.

It would be novel to have the option to play cds backward. I have no idea on how to go about implementing this idea, never having seen the insides of the drive.

Veritas, Feb 25 2003

(?) reverse function http://www.getyourg..._-_ADJ_PRODJ2FX.htm
a cd player with reverse function [sufc, Oct 04 2004]


       Well, you don't make a new invention just by putting an old invention in a different room.
angel, Feb 26 2003

       Baked.A mate of mine uses a pro spec cd player with this function.(see link)Not sure if its this model but he can play entire cds backwards.
sufc, Feb 26 2003

       John Cage would sound, like, totally palindromic on this!
egbert, Feb 26 2003

       egaC nhoJ? (No need to reply, egbert; I am familiar with his Golden Oldies.)
jurist, Feb 26 2003

       Listening to Beethoven sonatas backwards is how John Lennon came up with "Because". (In that case, the Moonlight, but the Pathetique would be interesting too.)
waugsqueke, Feb 26 2003

       The CD Player in my car has an audible 'rewind' function. You have to hold a button down, but it accomplishes the same thing.
phoenix, Feb 26 2003

       Why did you rip the CD player apart? Did you think you could just reverse the motor? Learn something about how a CD works, OK?
ironfroggy, Feb 26 2003

       I ripped it apart because I had no idea what the inside of the motor would look like, or how it works, and because I knew it still wouldn't work if I actually took it apart. So I chose the fun way.   

       So sue me if I don't know how the motor works :^( I was going to find out at 12 o'clock at night if I could reverse it or not. [ironfroggy] enlighten me, if you will.   

       [sufc] thats a good link, but I was thinking like a home cd player that I could afford. I don't want to have a receiver and all that fun stuff.
Veritas, Feb 26 2003

       Now I can listen to my favorite satanic lyrics on my CDs!
ObPickle, Feb 26 2003

       (Veritas)The idea is still baked anyway.The link is a cd player that can play cds backwards and there are a lot more on the market.Given time this feature will be seen on household hifi stuff and prices will come down.
sufc, Feb 27 2003

       But what would reversing the motor have done? Nothing. It wouldnt be able to read the damn CD at all then. CD pits are arranged in a spiral fashion and if you spin the disc backwards it wouldnt line up right with the pits. not to mention it would read the pits backwards and the data would be complete screwed up. all the waveforms would be complete crap.
ironfroggy, Feb 27 2003

       take this http://cdscratch.com/   

       and your computer   

       and this http://www.xs4all.nl/~sotty/gadget/CD__amp__MP__ Car_Stereo_Transmitter.html   

       and you have music backwards in your home.
phinch, Feb 27 2003

       God dern, I figured if it would go backwards, it would read it backwards, therefore playing backwards. I never thought about the laser, I guess that would have to run backwards too.
Veritas, Feb 27 2003

       Hey waugs, where did you hear that? Just curious...
snarfyguy, Feb 28 2003


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