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Entertaining Debates

As long as they cancel your favorite shows, might as well make it interesting
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Maybe it's the fact I have a short attention span, and like fire, but I can't stand watching any sort of debate on T.V. I DO like watching shows with explosions, fights, and naked people, so why not put (for example) the presidential candidates in an arena with chains and crowbars and fire to spice it up a bit? I know Al Gore was getting pretty anxious to beat the hell out of George W. a few times there, might as well make it interesting. Besides, in nature animals fight it out for things they want.
AfroAssault, Nov 06 2000


       To take it a step further, they should each have a One-hour Variety Show for 2 weeks instead of the debates. It would be required that they perform in each segment-not just let some celebrity guests do their thing. They would have to do monologues, imitations, comedy, dramatic interpretation, beat movement poetry, synchronized swimming, solo musical performance as well as a big "Donny and Marie" show circa 1977 style finish. For the 3rd and final week they and their 'running mates' would have to compete in a Pentathlon and then do Tag-Team wrestling.
thumbwax, Nov 12 2000

       But only if there's a swimsuit competition.
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2000

       Wait, I changed my mind. Breakdance competition
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2000

       Nah, it's more entertaining if they do JOUSTING or SWORDFIGHTS. If you don't want blood, you can always do the "American Gladiator" with those padded sticks. Can't settle your point? Beat it out of him!
kschang, Jan 21 2002

       Peter, are you sure you live in New York?   

       You seem to know more about England and the English and our current affairs than we do !
po, Jan 21 2002

       po, its not current anymore. He wrote it 14 months ago.
lummox, Jan 22 2002

       Apart from which, [PeterSealy] is English-ish.
angel, Jan 22 2002


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