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Entertainment center

Plays music, dvd, digital radio and internet
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The product would combine all the technology out there to let you have all you entertainment through one box. This one box would be run through a normal TV.

The is similar to a media center but my understanding on these are that they only work on the expensive plasma / LCD tvs which not many people have.

The box would have a couple of hard drives that can store music and record TV. It would have a DAB (Digital radio) tuner. It would have DVD multi disc unit ideally holding 20 dvds. and it would be a wireless broad band router. the box would come with speakers.

Now obviously a normal TV can not view the internet as it does not have the right resolution. But the function would be there for people with the LCD/Plasma TVs and people with lap tops etc.

The box would have the usual scart sockets and USB.

When you get the box you would load up the dvd multiplayer with cds that the box then records onto the Hard drives you would do this until you have recorded all the cds. (it could record the cds over night) Then load it up with your DVD selection.

The box would through menus displayed on the TV play a cd track or DVD or listen to the radio.

In the future the same box through the wireless antena send the signals to wireless speakers that are in the house and become a wireless home entertainment system. This could work with voice recognition so that when you are in bed you could just ask for a cd track to be played

paulone1, Feb 04 2005

View the internet on a normal TV (using webtv) http://www.webtv.co.../experience/web.asp
This link includes sound, so beware. [robinism, Feb 07 2005]


       Why have a multi-tray DVD system if it has hard drive storage on board? What would be good is if it had a spindle that you could drop CD's/DVD's onto so that it could archive large amounts itself without you having to load trays all the time.
wagster, Feb 04 2005

       //Now obviously a normal TV can not view the internet as it does not have the right resolution.//   

       At what resolution does the internet broadcast?
contracts, Feb 04 2005

       Maybe [paulone] means that just about anything designed to be viewed fullscreen on a 800X600 monitor would look like crap viewed on a TV screen.   

       Webtv works on a regular tv, at a resolution under 640X480. So maybe [paulone] could bundle a webtv set top box in his entertainment center. (see link)
robinism, Feb 07 2005

       All bundled together in one box, so if one thing goes wrong or gets superseded, you have to replace everything?
hippo, Feb 07 2005

       But by then, your house and all its contents will be sold as an integrated package. If a lightbulb goes or if you run out of cornflakes, you'll have to move house.
hippo, Feb 07 2005


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