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Doughnut CD Drive

CD-RW/DVD-R/Donut Maker
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Have a CD Combo drive, that also makes doughnuts baked by a special high-powered laser. Obviously it would have to be a larger drive than the traditional CD drives. Batter could come in pre mixed and measured cartridges.
ben_krak, May 16 2004


       As long as there's still room for my coffee cup in the middle.
FarmerJohn, May 16 2004

       "I got the stuck in a box, covered in glaze, been sitting here for many a days, starting to get stale... blues."
zigness, May 16 2004

       [+] because it mentions donuts. [-] because I don't think it will work and it will make donuts more expensive. [+] because it mentions donuts.   

       1-1+1 = 1. Croissant.
zigness, May 16 2004

       Too sticky. Keys should only be sticky if pornography is involved.
mtoonsdale, May 17 2004


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