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Reduced CO2, to help stave off global warming
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Everyone knows that soda has CO2 in it - it's what gives it the bubbles.

Everyone also knows that CO2 is bad for the environment, since it's the lead driver in climate change.

A lot of people want to help the environment and reduce their contribution to global warming, but it can be challenging knowing where to start.

Lets put two and two together, and have a low-CO2 soda (maybe 30% less?) that is marketed to the masses as being more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. This will be an easy step that people can take to help stave off global warming and make them feel like they are helping the future of the planet.

Also it would reduce the incidence of burping, which is gross, and should be better for dental health as CO2 forms carbonic acid which isn't great for teeth. So there's also a hygiene angle that can be mentioned in advertising.

Lanthanide, Feb 28 2015

Half-Carbonated Soda Half-Carbonated_20Soda
Discovered this is very close to this previous suggestion, however in light of of the scientific research over the last decade, my suggestion is designed to help the planet. [Lanthanide, Feb 28 2015]

180+ year old Champagne http://www.nytimes....e.html?pagewanted=1
[Spacecoyote, Mar 01 2015]

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       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [Lanthanide]! This is your best idea here so far, so [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2015


       Can we have some numbers please? How much CO2 is currently sequestered in fizzy drinks?
EnochLives, Feb 28 2015

       When you use the word "sequestered", it argues that we ought to increase the CO2 content of drinks rather than reduce it.   

       A quick calculation shows that if we covered all of Canada with cans of soda containing twice the normal level of CO2, to a depth of 38ft, many Canadians would be annoyed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2015

       I guess fizzy drinks do represent a short-term carbon sink. Maybe we should be storing more carbon this way and sequestering it in some disused oil field. Everyone would have to promise to not drink it until atmospheric CO2 levels have dropped to pre-carboniferous levels.
EnochLives, Feb 28 2015

       Coca Cola recently announced they're changing their formula for Canada. Wading through all the hype about "less sugar and calories" it turns out they're just diluting the same syrup, more.
FlyingToaster, Feb 28 2015

       The CO2 for soft drinks comes from the atmosphere in the first place so is just going in a circle. No gains to be had I'm afraid. Oh yeah Welcome!
AusCan531, Feb 28 2015

       Perhaps CO2 could be sequestered in a drink that ages well, such as Champagne. Do-gooders could get a tax writeoff for promising not to consume for a certain amount of time.
Spacecoyote, Mar 01 2015

       I was thinking a good brand name for this could be "Green Wash".
Lanthanide, Mar 02 2015


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