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Mix your own carbonated beverage

Customized carbonated beverages
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The other day I was in a convenience store when I saw a "Slush Puppy" machine. For those unfamiliar with this peculiar product, "Slush Puppies" are an icy slush popular with young children. You dispense a icy beverage and than add a few squirts of a favored juice to make a super sweet beverage.

I also noted various new beverages with unique flavor combinations, ie. Code Red, Tropical Sprite, etc. This got me thinking, what if you could purchase a neutrally flavored but sweet carbonated beverage in a bottle and than somehow inject a flavor combination of your choosing.

The beverage would be about 3/4 full and then you could purchase a flavor mixer of your choice. The flavor would be sold in a 1 and a 1/2 inch tall container that would twist onto the top of the neutral base beverage. By depressing a plunger you would inject the flavor into the base and create a customized beverage. Two flavors could be added to create a personalized soda flavor. For example pineapple and sour apple, or cola and lime. This method would have the appeal to diverse taste, moreover the novelty would cater to young consumers. Additionally ordering and stocking would minimize overstocking an unpopular flavor. All bases would be the same so retaliers would not have excess stock on hand.

pablopk, Jun 28 2003

(??) Sodastream http://www.sodastre...k/drinksmakers.htm#
Click the "how it works" button to see your idea in action [cevilthedevil, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Cremola Foam http://www.alternat...p?s=&threadid=24840
Much missed powdered beverage that prepared for Scottish children by their loving parents in an effort to prepare said children for lager. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       Soooooo Baked- see SodaStream
cevilthedevil, Jun 28 2003

       Damn! Cevil thanks for the link. Question, is this product wide spread in the UK?
pablopk, Jun 28 2003

       In the 1970s/80s I think almost every house in Britain had one. For some reason they are much less popular now...   

       Kids used to take the carbonated cartridges and use them to make little engines for homemade model jets.
cevilthedevil, Jun 28 2003

       Lets not be too negative about this. Yes, sodastreams have been around almost as long as the Teasmade - but not in shops.   

       How about something along the lines of the service station coffee machines that use the little pre-packed coffee packs.   

       So it would work something like: the child hands over the coin, selects a flavour, selects a colour and shoves it in the machine to put the bubbles in. Make it all transparent and fun to watch.
tonywells, Jun 28 2003

       [tonywells], fair enough you are right. it is a good idea, I was not trying to be negative. Your suggestion is a good one and fits wit h the original intention of the author. You don't need the prepacked packs though it could all be done within the machine   

       Take a vending machine, like a coffee vending machine. Inside the machine are separate containers for the colours, flavours and sugar. This means for example you can order a cola, with the desired colour and amount of sweetness, just select the following   


       Colouring-Brown caramel   

       Sugar- High
cevilthedevil, Jun 29 2003

       See also Cremola Foam for a different method of making a fizzy drink that eats teeth.
my face your, Jun 29 2003

       i used to drop punctured co2 cartriges into a closed soda bottle with some kind of drink in it . it tasted horrible, but it was carbonated .
slapdash loser, Jun 29 2003

       //Yes, sodastreams have been around almost as long as the Teasmade - but not in shops.// Uh? That's where my mum got ours - at the shop. I think I'll just nip to the undertakers to see if they've got one in - if not, I pop across to the library. "Not in shops"???
PeterSilly, Jun 29 2003

       Let me see if I can clarify a little for [PeterSilly]. As [cevilthedevil] put it, we are talking about vending applications in shops.
tonywells, Jun 29 2003

       Pretty cool. The sodastream was a great idea but it became unusable somewhere in the nineties. The selection of flavours dropped leaving only the nasty ones. Eventually, getting one's hands on a bottle of Tizer concentrate became like winning a raffle. The alternatives were stuffed with aspartame and all tasted like the pop that Somerfield sells at 19p for 2 litres. Dreadful shame.
stilgar, Jan 13 2005

       I wonder why no one's suggested the combination sodastream/teasmade - wake up to piping hot, carbonated tea!
hippo, Jan 13 2005


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