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Let them drive! Let them drive!
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One seizure and you lose your drivers license. This can be so unfair. Seizures can be very infrequent, and the medicines are good. But the rule remains. It is hard to argue that seizures should just be ignored, though - a seizure while driving can be catastophic.

The solution: Epilepticar. Several aspects of this car and rules governing its use improve safety for car and driver. 1. Epilepticar cannot be driven over 40 mph. It is for city use only. 2. It is painted visible orange. 3. The accelerator is a antipedal: the foot is placed underneath and the pedal is lifted. In a grand mal seizure, extensors dominate - and if the foot is suddenly locked in extension on the gas pedal it would be bad. In the epilepticar, this shuts off the gas. 4. Autobrake. Unless the car is getting a little gas, it automatically brakes. 5. Flashing light. A timer counts off every minute, and the driver must periodically hit a button on the wheel to reset it. If it is not reset, an alarm goes off inside the car and 5 seconds later a light goes on on the car roof. This notifies other drivers that the car occupant has been disabled by a seizure.

The antipedal by itself is worthy of a croissant, as it would avoid the problem of panicky stamping on the accelerator.

bungston, May 20 2003


       buddha_pest - your uncle, was he able to recover from those hours and hours of seizures? It must have been terrifying for him.
thumbwax, May 20 2003

       sorry about your uncle! i think there are enough cars on the damn road as it is...what will more waste on the road do? not much. why not just wear your medic alert bracelet and enjoy some reading time on public transportation.
bubblegrrl79, May 20 2003

       You folks offer great arguments for the Epilepticar. 1: There are very effective treatments - making such a car likely quite safe. 2: They dont like being singled out - which they currently are because they are not allowed to drive.   

       Fetal position: seizures dont happen this way. Extensors, extensors, extensors. As re the flashing light - this would be on the roof, out of sight of the epileptic.   

       Now that all points have been answered, lets see some bread!
bungston, May 20 2003

       The flashing light would cause a chain reaction, as all the other epileptics driving epilepticars would see the light and have seizures. Their lights would then flash, causing other lights to flash, and pretty soon there would be a real problem! Maybe some non-flashing indicator would be better...
eauto, Jun 29 2004

       Yes, the little flashing light would cause seizures.
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

       I've had a seizure before (I'm not epileptic, but take 10 hrs of swimming, six cans of pop, no sleep and some show on tv did it for me), I hardly remember it at all. No liscence restrictions for me. Have the inside of the car padded, I work at a pool and if someone has a seizure all we can do is move them away from anything hard, and call an ambulance.+
swimr, Jun 29 2004

       I'm giving it a bun for the antipedal, really. I don't know enough about epilepsy to make any other judgements, but the antipedal is a great idea, and like you say, would stop panicky stamping.
kmlabs, Jan 28 2005

       Sorry, there are enough crazy drivers out there and having a vehicle come to a sudden stop with a siezing person behind the wheel on the freeway would cause other accidents.   

       This is a serious issue, so, instead of trying to be just like all the other drivers out there, why not make public transport more fun? Have a party commute, or celebrate a car pool situation. Use the limitation to make a currently unpopular activity more ubiquitous.   

       --for the rotten croissant award-- What about a siezure powered vehicle? You'd be popular with your driving buddy for saving the gas.   

       Before the flame comes: I am personally involved with those who have siezures and the effects are not funny.
subflower, Nov 17 2005


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