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Epitaph In Pinball

Hopefully you'll be having too much fun to cry.
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For some, the thought of leaving this world without some valid, lasting legacy can often leave us in a personal quandry about what we can impart to the world post mortem. For some its charitable memorial funds - helping those afflicted with similar conditions or circumstances for leaving this world. For others, a simple passing and burial (or cremation) will suffice. Now what do we do about those people who have touched our lives with wit, humor and the constant nagging for more quarters for the arcade?

Introducing Lights-Action-Memorial Pinball Amusements, Inc. Creatively constructing a grand pinball machine to pay honored tribute to the eternal spirit of the deceased arcade addict. Thats right - for roughly the average cost of a fancy funeral, casket, etc. you can have the greatest ever lasting pinball memory of those you've left behind.

Our consultants, artists and game engineers work closley with your family and the final wishes of the dearly departed to make a cherished, collectible, playable keepsake for generations to come. Working-in short video or audio excerpts to further enhance the gameplay experience can be made for a nominal fee as well. Pictures, keepsakes, or even the ashes of the recently departed can be incorporated to preserve and bring back all those fond memories of years gone-by.

At my funeral, feel free to come in and give it a round to see if you can get on the top 10 high scores. No quarters will be necessary. This game's on me.

Letsbuildafort, Apr 20 2006

Tales From The Crypt http://pinball.heeb..._crypt-1993-f-1.jpg
[skinflaps, Apr 20 2006]

Pinformer http://www.pinformer.co.uk/
Database of working pinball machines spotted around the UK. [DrBob, Apr 20 2006]

Links to pinball sites. http://www.pinballnews.com/links/
[DrBob, Apr 20 2006]

They made one for the "King." Why not one for me? http://www.bmigamin...allpressrelease.htm
A quality Stern pinball product. [Letsbuildafort, Apr 20 2006]

for shopping pinball_20wizard_20trolley
[po, Apr 20 2006]

Until recently, I had an "Eight Ball" backglass (featuring "The Fonz") as an art piece in my office. http://half_crazy.t.../hb/8ball/8ball.htm
(Since given to a friend for his gameroom after I remodeled my office) [half, Apr 20 2006]

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       I just love the mental image of family members walking quietly into a funeral parlor, being ushered into a dimly lit room where weeping friends and well-wishers await their turn to play a rather loud, bright-flashy, one-liner spouting pinball machine. No casket, no cadaver. Just a pinball machine.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 20 2006

       Yay!Just got 50 000 by hitting the The Stiff in the Coffin...."ping"
skinflaps, Apr 20 2006

       **Shoot right nostril to lite HALO.**   

       on another note, there's a remarkable shortage of pinball ideas, given the potential of such a category...
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 20 2006

       Like it. Halfbakery skill shot scores you an extra croissant.
DrBob, Apr 20 2006

       Ooooor, you could embalm the corpse, hollow out the chest cavity and install the various pinball workings within.   

       By standing between the recently departed's legs and twitching the thumb 'flippers' you will be able to play pinball and pay your respects at the same time.   

       If you try to cheat, their mouth pops open revealing the word "TILT!" embossed boldy on the owner's tongue.
zen_tom, Apr 20 2006

       //If you try to cheat, their mouth pops open revealing the word "TILT!" embossed boldy on the owner's tongue.//   

       I'd like to see what happens if you get multiball, or maybe I wouldn't :)
skinflaps, Apr 20 2006

       Ahh yes, I didn't mention how the balls are launched, on grounds of taste.
zen_tom, Apr 20 2006

       Well, finally, a way I can leave an appropriate legacy.   

       "on another note, there's a remarkable shortage of pinball ideas"...I think there's a remarkable shortage of pinball these days. I'm not a video-gamer.   

       "At my funeral, feel free to come in and give it a round"...assuming that will be a while off yet, what say we do the next PHXAZ halfcon at Castles-n-Coasters?
half, Apr 20 2006

       half, try Pinformer (linky).
DrBob, Apr 20 2006

       Thanks DrBob. Wow. You poor UKnians. I don't think there's quite a need for that kind of database here...yet. There are a few machines around, just nothing like it used to be. Fortunately, I have a friend with four machines in his home, in case I need a quick fix. :-)   

       If I could only convince my wife that an old electromechanical pinball machine would look good in our living room...   

       There were a relatively small number of "cocktail table" machines made back in the late 70's or early 80's. If I find one of those at a reasonble price, this freestanding bookshelf behind me in my office is so outta here.
half, Apr 20 2006

       Pinball machines have all but died out in the UK. There used to be one in most pubs but they've been replaced by pool tables for the most part. It makes sense in pure economic terms if you think about it. The better a player is at pool, the shorter the game and higher the turnover. The opposite is true of pinball. Pinball machines are much more fun though.

I keep toying with the idea of getting a table myself but they're a bit on the expensive side. I've added a link to an excellent pinball links site - includes links to the remaining pinball manufacturers, fan sites, technical help sites, second-hand suppliers etc (US & UK).
DrBob, Apr 20 2006

       "Pinball machines have all but died out in the UK." - then we need a pinball epitaph for the pinball machine!
DrCurry, Apr 20 2006

       //next PHXAZ halfcon at Castles-n-Coasters//   

       Sounds like a great idea, [half]! I need to make another trip out there to cause a little mayhem anyway.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 20 2006

       Wow... creepy. Just this week I attended a funeral and commented that a good halfbakery idea would be to combine a funeral home with a casino.
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2006

       That is creepy, Ray-man.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 22 2006

       // That is creepy, Ray-man.//

I agree LBAF. Do you think Ray goes to a lot of funerals to talk about the 'bakery?
DrBob, Apr 23 2006

       I know I'm always looking for inspiration for HB ideas. I just don't freelance funerals, thats all. Hey - one man's funeral is another man's muse.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 23 2006

       What if it turns out I'm not dead yet? Would people get their money back?   

       And I'm with {zen tom].....you could donate all your organs as well, and have a use for that empty abdominal cavity.
lintkeeper2, Apr 23 2006

       I don't think an empty abdominal cavity is large enough for a full pinball experience. Perhaps a more traditional layout incorporating the bones of the departed as various hazards and bumpers would be more approachable.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 15 2006

       [-] Is the HalfBaker crowd growing older? I noticed lately a lot of ideas like this. Or are there so many people on the web who don't find life thrilling?
pashute, Feb 25 2011

       Yes, we are getting older.
hippo, Feb 25 2015


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