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LED Pinball ball

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This pinball ball has LEDs embedded in the surface, which are activated (powered) when the ball rolls over a conductive track in the playfield.
simonj, Apr 05 2012

I just bought a new gun that's got some LEDs in it... http://lightupmylif...es/bubble%20gun.JPG
[normzone, Apr 05 2012]


       Part of what makes pinball such a dynamic and exciting game is that the ball is highly-polished solid steel. This idea would involve a hollow or semi-hollow ball constructed, at least in part, of much lighter materials. Even if the metal parts were made of Tungsten (which would eventually fracture) the ball wouldn't be heavy enough.   

       Also, the bounce would be all wrong, because the energy wouldn't be transferred evenly through the mass of a hollow or fenestrated ball.
Alterother, Apr 05 2012

       welll....maybe it's a special ball released when a certain task is completed. I think there's room for a few new ideas in pinball
simonj, Apr 05 2012

       As do I, but I don't need another project... Having it be a special bonus ball is a good idea.
Alterother, Apr 05 2012

       //fenestrated ball// sounds painful.
mitxela, Apr 05 2012

       Second that...(+)
normzone, Apr 05 2012


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