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Letter Ball

Learn and spell words with pinball.
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Ready to hit the flippers ?

A traditional pinball table with all of the sparkle and eye candy ,flashing lights, whiz bang and stomping tilt rap/rock music,bumpers, spiral loops,ball save and so forth,4 pinball chances.

The theme here is to spell random words by ball shooting and flipper smacking certain letters of the alphabet on the small tombstones scattered about the table and landing the pinball within the special zones.

Up top of the table is the lcd screen on the backglass displaying score and progress with your words.Scoring is achieved by each letter being nominated a score similar to scrabble letters.



X-2000 ,etc. The X,Y,Z,V,W's are harder to reach up top of a intricate loop system,with random letters, blanks and bonus's appearing when you hit bumpers.

The rules are straight forward for multiple players,you shoot the ball up the table and say you hit a *L* that letter will appear on the lcd,so now you must skilfully create a word by hitting other letters,if you land in a special zone the possibilities for your word beginning with *L* or say how many letters you have so far will appear on the screen giving you options to complete a variety of words,if however,say you have so far reached *L E T* and you hit a letter where the word cannot continue or a blank tombstone your game is suspended and you lose the last letter,then the next player is up to create or continue their word. The winner is the one who has the highest score from words created with their 4 chances(pinballs) taking into consideration you lose pinballs eventually through tilt and missing with the 2 bottom flippers.

Letter Ball has a built in memory of thousands of words and would make some pretty interesting variations on learning words you've never even heard of during multiball ,these words you have created will have dictionary explanations displayed when the game is complete.*LETTERBALL*

skinflaps, Dec 11 2002


       Croissant. If for no other reason than it's pinball and not another "FPS" video game.
half, Dec 11 2002

       Cute, but I never got past the first step in these theme pinball machines. Or any pinball machines, for that matter. Not the Pinball Wizard, I guess.
DrCurry, Dec 11 2002


       (Never was any good at pinball)
whimsickle, Dec 12 2002

       "Scrabble" themed pinball. Eh, why not. I'd play.
half, Dec 12 2002

       I like this idea; it's better than a lot of the "learning made fun" type games I've seen hitherto. (+)
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 12 2002


       //blanks and bonus's//
skinflaps, Dec 14 2002

       i really would buy this game has it been submitted to any software publishers?
clairepanda, Jan 11 2003


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