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Erasable Book

editable printing
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Everyone can edit the online Wikipedia but producing it as a printed product is troublesome thanks to the static nature of the printed page -- you would have to at least add large margins for user editing.

Instead of doing that, why not print the book in erasable ink, ink with rubber in it as seen in erasable pens. Then if there is an omission , if the printed wikipedia is out of date, or if you just want to vandalize a page you grab the handy eraser, remove what you don't want, and write in what you prefer.

joeforker, Jul 05 2005

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       Or get an eBook in the first place. Btw, this is how books started out, in Europe at least: parchment was often scraped clean of previous writing and re-used.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2005

       Yes, white-out is just so tedious.
ldischler, Jul 05 2005

       White out? But it's designed for poor countries that don't have white out!
joeforker, Jul 05 2005

       Even in the poorest countries, people have pencils and books have margins.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2005

       I thought this might be a book it was easy to piss off.
bungston, Jul 21 2006


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