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A book about church signs
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I grew up in SW Florida, a place a little different from the rest of the world it seems. When traveling with family at a young age I noticed one thing that my town didn't seem to have nearly as much as. It didn't have marquee's, and signs infront of everything from trailers to city hall to the local church. With all kinds of strange things trying to tempt someone into stopping and spending some money. I've been having the idea of either actually going around the south and maybe northeast of America and taking pictures of different signs for the book, and writing about experiences, and thoughts about America. The America of my past the America people of my generation knew, and what it is today. Living on a new era. It would be a cometary on our current culture since 9/11 a cruical point in our history. Another choice would to just actually write a piece of fiction about how some characters travel trying make a book about different signs across the country. It would feature some other people of course, and through out the story while I collect images and tell the story it will feature the commentary on America. haha man this sounded good when i started typing it haha.
mrtywalsh, Oct 25 2006


       man...your right. ahh my dreams are crushed haha.
mrtywalsh, Oct 25 2006

       //The America of my past the America people of my generation knew, and what it is today. // For a bit of background research, you could do worse than to try reading 'Travels With Charlie', John Steinbeck's account of a road trip across 1960's America, with a poodle - almost exactly the same thing you describe.
zen_tom, Oct 25 2006


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