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Clock Book

By constantly reading from this book the reader can in conjunction with it become a sort of clock.
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A quick search of the Internet reveals that the average adult reading speed is ~250 words per minute. Also, there are 24 hours in a day, divided incrementally into 60 minute, then 60 second intervals. Therefore, on each page of this 1440 page book, a page for every minute of the day, there is 250 words. In order for the reader to more accurately keep time down to the second, the prose is written in a steady meter. Therefore, at any given point while reading this tome, the hermit can be queried as to the time, so the present line of verse is read aloud to indicate to others who are also in possession of the book, what time it was when they began searching for it in their own volumes.
rcarty, Mar 28 2011

Real time clock writing http://beeks.eu/
By Yugo Nakamura. [Twizz, Mar 28 2011]

What time is it, Eccles? http://www.whattimeisiteccles.com/
[mouseposture, Mar 29 2011]

Normzone_20Paragraph_20Breaker [normzone, Mar 29 2011]


       Yugo Nakamura did a flash in which the time is constantly updated by a hand writing on paper. See link.   

       This is the same idea, but written in real time rather than read.
Twizz, Mar 28 2011

       I don't see the relevance of the links. I do kinda, but not really at the same time.
rcarty, Mar 29 2011

       Shouldn't every line have a little time score in the margin, set at to begin reading at midnight, maybe?   

       Also, breaks.
daseva, Mar 29 2011

       Ah, [daseva] calls the breaks, indeed. (link)   

       [rcarty], do not seek after relevance. It is irrelevant...as well as irreverant.   

       As much as I read, I could use this feature. Perhaps make it possible for a reader to have his books calibrated. (+)
normzone, Mar 29 2011


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