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Escalator shoe shine

Free buff while traveling
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most escalators have nylon brushes on the side to keep dirt and laces out of cracks. I always run shoes on them in the hopes that they will be cleaner at the end.

I propose outfitting escalators with special brushes, cleaners and polishes so that as you go down your shoes could get a free wipe clean and polish.

great for the business man on the go, or to wipe off shoes in the winter time.

Really not much would need to be changed, just install a different brush on escalators. so this is a free idea.

metarinka, Nov 08 2010


       Also, a journey on some of the longer London Underground escalators would be just long enough to drink a cup of tea handed to you by a smartly uniformed attendant as you step onto the escalator.
hippo, Nov 08 2010

       You could have this apply your entire spiffing up routine. Enter at the bottom all dirty and unshaven and emerge at the top looking clean and spiffy. Hair brushes sticking out on one level, tooth brushes on another, deodorant application, razor for shaving. (careful here) Even have little tweezers reaching out and tweazing unwanted hairs as you pass by. Call it the hygenic spiffalator. You could also have a trauma center at the top just in case.
doctorremulac3, Nov 08 2010

       Me thinks there are many differences between you guys, and us guys.
blissmiss, Nov 08 2010

       Now I am intrigued by the differences. Do you guys not like to be spiffed? Or is the main difference that you guys are never //all dirty and unshaven//?
pocmloc, Nov 08 2010

       Hold on now, [blissmiss], there are without a doubt many very interesting differences between you misses and us misters, but [metarinka] only suggested we buff our shoes. [doc] has a way of running a simple idea way off the tracks and into the bushes somewhere. (No offense, [doc], you know we love you for it.) But, I'm personally not too crazy about the 'little tweezers', or the shaving part.
Boomershine, Nov 08 2010

       I can't speak for the misses, but I'm ruggedly good looking enough that I only need a shoe shine to complete my look
metarinka, Nov 27 2010

       + for beating me to it.   

       Left for black, right for brown.
Ling, Oct 28 2014

       PS can it whistle as well?
Ling, Oct 28 2014


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