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Escapist clay sculptures

Pour clay over them and let them go
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The sculptures are an exploration of deep, primitive emotions and pure physical force: fear of death, power, claustrophobia, speed, muscular movement.

Volunteers are asked to lay down on the ground, face up or face down. They will soon be covered by a large, heavy rectangular sheet of strong clay. A bit like being buried.

Once their body is covered by the piece of clay, they are asked to crawl out of it.

Most volunteers will experience strong emotions.

As they crawl out of the clay, this material takes on the "escapist" form, quite literally.

The muscle movements and the limbs of the buried person, will create strange forms; vaguely human, maybe even animal, and vaguely "geological".

Once they are out of the clay, it dries, and the sculpture, made from this raw, basic, primitive material, hardens.

A field full of these sculptures could be a bizarre sight.

[Could remind some of the dramatic 'sculptures' of the people buried in Pompeii].

django, Apr 27 2008


       Since the interesting shapes would mostly be on the inside of the clay, and hence difficult to see, wouldn't you want to use the shaped clays as a molds and display the resulting casts, instead of displaying the clay itself?
pertinax, Apr 27 2008

       Don't some branches of the Cosa Nostra already offer a very similar service to this, free of charge ?
8th of 7, Apr 27 2008

       "Aiken was here"
phoenix, Apr 27 2008

       The act of crawling out would destroy the humanoid shapes, and then the raised clay would slowing slump down to a state of flatness. The idea is good, but a different escape method is needed.
xenzag, Apr 27 2008

       And you have to wonder how people will breathe. In response to something saw at a recent art show, I had in mind something vaguely similar, but with the people on the outside, as it were.
DrCurry, Apr 27 2008


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