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Duct Tape Bonsai

Sticky, yet slow...
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I recently threw one of those really large rolls of duct tape onto the top of a bottle of laundry detergent (in the same way that you might put a ring on a vertical peg).

I then promptly forgot about it. A couple of months later, I find that the roll of duct tape has managed to "droop" about a quarter of an inch around the outside of the roll. It's done this very evenly with a nice smooth curve on the part that used to be the flat edge of the roll.

After much concentration and thought, I realized that my new Bonsai material (that I had been hoping to discover) was sitting right in front of me on top of a bottle of [brand name censored] laundry soap.

I propose tall rigid structures where various pieces of duct tape are stuck on and allowed to droop over time.

More and more would be added while trimming would take place at regular intervals.

A monk is involved.

zigness, May 06 2006

Brian Jewett, Ticket Bowls et al. http://galleryoffun...rt.com/jewett.shtml
The fabulous bowls your description reminds me of. [jutta, May 06 2006]

YOU BUY WADDED UP PAPER, NOW! http://www.origamiboulder.com/
any excuse to link to this site is a good excuse. [ato_de, May 08 2006]

Pitch Drop http://www.physics....eum/pitchdrop.shtml
If you want things that droop s l o w l y . . . [victor, May 09 2006]


       Odd, yet a bun for any form of bonsai.
normzone, May 06 2006

       A little quicker if you used silly putty, and not so sticky.
DrCurry, May 06 2006

       + this is very wonderful. The uses for duct tape are unlimited...   

       monks use it, too.
xandram, May 06 2006

       I like it - I currently have quite the stockpile of duck tape my self. [+]   

       //A monk is involved//
Letsbuildafort, May 06 2006

       sp. [Brand name censored --admin]   

methinksnot, May 06 2006

       [jutta], excellent link... thanks for that.
zigness, May 08 2006

       In my old office, I inherited a roll of cellophane tape that had drooped, somehow. It looked pretty, but I fixated on getting it flat again. Heavy weights and hot days had no effect. Bun for durable artform, even if your spelling is a bit off. Bonsai, isn't it?
baconbrain, May 08 2006

       It probably IS Bonsai... I've seen it both ways, but I tend to use this one for some reason. I'm not going to change it quite yet, because I'm right in the middle of folding some origami boulders. (what a crazy link that one is -- I like it though)
zigness, May 09 2006

       ...although "banzai" is a Japanese war cry.
xandram, May 09 2006

       Brilliant idea, and I look forward to hearing more about the involvement of the briefly mentioned monk. [+]
Mr Phase, May 09 2006

       Yes, upon further checking (while actually awake this time), I concur that Bonsai is correct. Please excuse the distraction.
zigness, May 09 2006

       Excellent link about the Pitch Drop experiment. It makes me wonder if an alternate method of controlling the Bonsai is to provide different types of adhesives to the pieces stuck onto the sculpture so that they would drop at different rates.   

       Perhaps the monk could flip the sculpture or change its angle at each solstice. I think that would be a worthwhile addition.
zigness, May 09 2006


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