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dirt dauber vase

one godawfully ugly pot
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Get your entomologist friend to tell you what dirt daubers (potter wasps) eat and provide them with plenty of food and pottery clay in an enclosure.

Do this a bunch of times until they and their offspring cover the outside of a wax vase with a clay bottom.

Now glaze and fire the resulting pot.

Now for the multicolored construction paper hornet's nest.

nomocrow, Sep 20 2007

Ugly? http://static.zooom...0646_c89a250129.jpg
I've seen much worse than this being sold at craft fairs. [DrCurry, Sep 20 2007]


       I once saw a bronzed paper wasps' nest. It wouldn't necessarily be godawful ugly.
DrCurry, Sep 20 2007

       If you used this as a receptacle in which to store your glass eye, and the vessel was after all determined to be of some degree of aesthetic merit, could you say: Beauty is in the bee-holder of the eye?
xenzag, Sep 20 2007

       Controlling the process variables(temperature/ pressure/ moisture/ dauber:food ratio/ foodsource/ freespace/ any others?) to yield different results would help solidify the artform.
daseva, Oct 22 2008


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