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Escalators for Elevators
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Escalators for 1 or 2 floors is ok, but for several floors, its impractical. So lets design one for several floors.. lets get a long long conveyor belt to move vertically up. Obviously it will move down when seen from the other direction. Lets attach buckets or rather elevator cabs to this moving belt, and they start moving up too (down when seen from the other side), so when our elevator cab gets to the top floor, let is go around over the belt to the other side so that it can go down. when the desired floor is reached, the cab detaches from the belt and slides onto a landing platform, without having the belt to stop (also applicable when the cab attaches to the belt to go down).. Passengers can press the botton to select their floor, in other words, which floor the elevator cab has to detach from the escalator. something similar to the Paternster lifts only difference is that the belt is continous and instead of people, the whole elevator cab rides the belt. Sort of a giant wheel (conveyor) of elevators.. inside a building. hey the elevators on the other side of the belt also act as counterweights...==> reduces power consumption
sridhar236, Feb 07 2005

Paternoster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternoster
[robinism, Feb 07 2005]


FarmerJohn, Feb 07 2005

       (+) Your link does not open [sidhar236]   

       This is already exactly how a paternoster works. (Yes, the open cab rides the belt, not just the people).
jutta, Feb 08 2005

       A paterwhat?   

       Goodness. Such a name.
bristolz, Feb 08 2005

       I'd agree that it's widely known to exist. Weird things they are, too - I've never dared ride one, for fear of what happens if you're still in the car at the top. I'm told it's safe, but I've horrible visions of being mangled or upended or something.
david_scothern, Feb 08 2005

       it said in the link that it stays upright even as it goes down the other side
benfrost, Feb 08 2005

       [jutta] The difference here is that the occupied cab detaches/attaches to the belt instead of riders stepping off and on moving cabs, increasing safety.
FarmerJohn, Feb 08 2005

       Fair enough, thanks for explaining.
jutta, Feb 15 2005


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