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Estimation Site

Site to put your estimates about the things of general use.
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(If my selected category is not right, please move it to the right one).

We estimate lots of things. Our estiamtion comes in varous size, shape and dimensions. If we can put that in words it would be easy for people to comment on it. And you can make better judgement about your estimates. It may differ from person to person, but you can have at least view point of others. Take an example of making dinner, building a bridge, or finishing a specific project or estimating time for driving thro' week-day traffic. It's for the realistic and practical things.

The major benefit I see is that experience is shared where the right need is. Estimation could be for all mesaurable factors including time, space, money etc.. which are useful resources. Life can be better planned better with useful insights into your thoughts.

There are many way to do the things, and this type of sites have ability to develop the better algrotihm for the general daily task (and not just for computer programs)

Update: As per asked for example in annotation.

1. Let's say you want to start a new retail business and you would estimate the margin of the retail.

2. Some estimation games would be good as well. Estimate how much money a bank would make in giving you the loan etc..

3. Estimate how much time it would take to have election in iraq

4. Estimate how long it will take to travel from NY to Boston on holiday week-end evening. etc.

5. Estimate the time it will take a to solve certain disease.

It's not just the final value that would be interested in. The method to arrive at the solution is important as well.

This type of example can give practical sense and insight of the real world. In my opinion, these type of things are what experience is made up of.

This would be helpful for cross-field works, where you don't have exact knoweldge, but your ability to guess would help you.


It could be many things to many people. It could be correction of estimation. or have someone to find the estimation for you. Or the site can also teach you how to estimate. Some sort of AI can also be created (but that's remote).

I would rather have it open source and free mainly to use it the better estimation of one's life. We can add more factors to estimation. For example How certain things will behave in certain circumstances which may include science/psychological properties of different things.

update 3: Ok, esitmate these:

1. How much time it will take for you to become a millionare and what would be the possible factors involved.

2. How much time it will take to study a particular subject for you.

3. How this stock will do after a certain period of time, what are the possible factors involved.

Also many time your acts and current life depend upon subcounscious estimates. It can be enhanced with conscious estimates..

artist, Aug 01 2003

Google Answers http://answers.google.com/answers/main
If it is the answer you seek, then this is the place. All questions answered (for a fee). [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       I don't get this. OK. I sort of get this. Well, it's about... well.. <this> much understood.
Cedar Park, Aug 01 2003

       So, as per your examples, this site would teach:   

       1) Business economics
2) Financial Mathematics
3) Clairvoyance

       You would pay for the answers, or would the site teach you how figure this out for yourself? [link]
Cedar Park, Aug 01 2003

       I'm not sure either why they would have to be estimates, all you examples could be given direct answers (ok, except for 5, but I reckon your estimate's going to be awful anyway). So, in a word, you idea is for a website which contains a list of the metrics of everything ?
neilp, Aug 01 2003

       1. halfbakery: "there's no money in it."
2. Loan: interest calculator (baked)
3. Depends on your definition of election. Yesterday for example, yada,yada,yada
4. Depends on time of departure.
5. Need more grant money.

Taken together, the breadth of estimates cited in the Q & A examples is a tentative Almanac site.
thumbwax, Aug 01 2003


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