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Company website directory

a way to easily find the website for a given company or organization
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Google is great at searching through the masses of websites out there, but we really need something that will just show us websites that are attached to organizations with a given name.

How many times have you looked for the website of the 'Blah' company, only to have to wade through pages and pages of useless results.

So, in this newer directory, if you look for 'apple', you will get back apple.com, and any other organization or company that has apple in it's name. Nothing else, no spam, no discussion boards, etc. This can just be an add-on to google - I think having people maintain some sort of directory ala yahoo is a bad idea to solve this problem - the sites should be found by spidering.

karlbrown, Feb 22 2005

Website used to be known as www.blahcompany.com http://www.blah.com/
google of blahcompany leads to weird stuff. [zeno, Feb 23 2005]


       I just try 'companyname.com' (or .co.uk if I know it to be a British company). Usually works.
angel, Feb 23 2005

       the company the owns the website could make a lot of money if they charge the companies in the directory. It could create atother google like company.
waynejkruse10, Feb 23 2005

       Search for 'company name' in url. I am reasonably sure that this is already available somewhere.
An example for google:
"allinurl: halfbakery"
Is that what you mean?
Ling, Feb 23 2005

       companyname.com or allinurl does work in the case where the URL contains the actual name of the company. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This idea is not based on the URL of the website, but on searching for the name of the company or organization that runs the given website.
karlbrown, Feb 23 2005

       A google search by company name would usually work just as well. But what I'd like to see would be a standard means of web-querying UPC codes. A list of web sites associated with manufacturer codes, along with a standard query format for with such web sites, could make it possible to key in a UPC code and receive documentation about the selected product.
supercat, Feb 23 2005

       aren't there, like, thousands of these? what's the new idea here? Yell.co.uk is the UK yellow (golden) pages. It does this.
etherman, Feb 23 2005

       Oddly enough, that's what the ".com" suffix was supposed to do for us : be a corporate directory. If it wasn't a company, it would be ".org", ".net", etc.
sophocles, Feb 23 2005

       Many a time i have sorted through way to many pages looking for the one corresponding to a specific company [+]
brodie, Feb 23 2005


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