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drumloop search by drumming

just tap the table with the mic on and it finds you your drum loops
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of either real drums played, or digital representation of drum- machine loops that are compatible with your loop, in midi files or patterns in an online drum machine.

Slower and faster loops will be shown according to how closely they match, just like picture recognition shows you closer and further, bigger and smaller, by shape or by tone...

You can also add some keywords for a faster search, while clicking the play button next to that keyword will give you an example of what that choice means.

Call it "Rhythm recognition".

Songs connected to that rhythm, of course are next in line to be found this way.

pashute, Jan 22 2017

Gawd I miss Grooveshark - requiescant in pace Josh Greenberg _22Mom_20and_20Dad_...is_20is_20Chasey_22
[normzone, Jan 22 2017]


       Good idea, but I think it would be tricky to implement.   

       First, the person tapping has to decide which beats are tapped - real drum rhythms will usually have lots of lesser beats in between the major ones, so do you just tap the bass and snare, or the bass+snare+high-hat, or what?   

       Next, when you tap a rhythm, you naturally associate a particular sound with each tap - you "hear" something like "bass, snare, bass bass, snare", but what you actually make is "tap tap tap-tap tap".   

       As an experiment, try tapping the rhythm from a well-known piece of music, and see if anyone can guess what it is. For you as the tapper, it's very obvious because you "hear" all the nuances - not so much for the listener (or software).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2017

       /For you as the tapper, it's very obvious because you "hear" all the nuances - not so much for the listener/   

       If you tap with a pencil or finger it is easier for the listener to guess. This as opposed to rhythmically gnashing your teeth.
bungston, Jan 23 2017

calum, Jan 23 2017


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