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Evergreen Garden

For the lazy Gardener (The neighbours will be so envious)
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Laminate flooring is basically a transparent wear layer, atop a photograph/colour layer, atop a base layer, which is typically High Density Fibreboard. Changing the base layer to a weatherproof alternative, such as WBP Ply (Water and Boil Proof) would afford the following:

Take a high level photo of some of your favourite garden features, with your favourite plants in it. (You may need a ladder).

Composite the photographed features in to an image whose dimensions is similar to your own garden, using your favourite software (or your favourite artist).

Send the image off to a laminating company, wait, accept delivery, click it all together, and hey presto, a garden that will look great all year round.

For the more ambitious, you could just have a photo of the kids, which might annoy the neightbours all the more!

WYBloke, May 24 2004


       I would like this for my kitchen floor. It would be a photograph of bread crumbles, squished tomatos, broken eggs etc. Typical kitchen camouflage.
kbecker, May 24 2004

       Photography, ladders, ordering, waiting, delivery and assembly. It all sounds too taxing for *this* lazy gardener. But a + for any idea which seeks to promote laziness.
dobtabulous, May 25 2004

       [dobtabulous] all of these things can be done by someone else for a fee. So an afternoon of wandering around a stately home, packed lunch and a large Mr Whippy in hand (that's soft icecream for those who don't know) is the most effort involved. You could even purloin the photos from the web. You may want to avoid the pink web sites though, the neighbours really would object.
WYBloke, May 25 2004


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