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Everybody was annotating

(apologies to Carl Douglas)
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Everybody was annotating
Those cats weren't hesitating
In fact it was a little bit frightning
They used pedantry with expert timing

There were funky old-timers like [JonThe-G]
[DrBob] and [blissymissy]
This was no place for being deferential
People were getting self-referential

Everybody was annotating
Those cats weren't hesitating
They knew about Schrödinger,
Orreries and proper grammar.

There was funky [8th of 7] and little [ytk]
He said here comes [UB] and [oscil8]
We rubbed our hands with glee - "A post by [Max-B]!"
A hand-dryer started, this [mfd]'s been thwarted!

Everybody was annotating
Those cats weren't hesitating
They used in-jokes like "Elf" and "Viola!"
And went on about Matryoshka

(repeat)..make sure you have expert timing
Annotating, there's no place for hesitating

Tout le monde a été annotant
Ces chats ont été n'hésitant pas
En fait, il était un peu effrayant
Tout a été inventé par les Français
hippo, Jun 09 2012




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