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Expiring guns

After so many shots it self destructs
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Make every shot count, literally. Pick a common firearm, one that's sold frequently and re-engineer it with an internal counter that gums up the works permanently after x number of shots. Make it cheap but limit purchases to one per year. Raise the price on 'unlimited' firearms so much that the only place one would want to use one would be as a rental at a range. Maybe folks would have to ration their compulsions a bit better.
Steamboat, Oct 25 2015

One shot gun http://www.wired.co...05/3d-printed-guns/
A 3d printed gun that last for only one shot. [travbm, Oct 29 2015]

Attempt to make 3-D printed gun illegal https://defdist.org/ddvus/
The short of it: it's not yet illegal [Voice, Oct 30 2015]


       Believing market prices can be litigated, believing a gun can be sold for less if it has an added mechanism, ill considered complications that will inhibit reliability, (even within the intended scope of operation) believing there's a practical way to limit gun sales by quantity over time, yet not listing it, believing criminals will adhere to the law, making "raise gun prices" part of the idea, and believing a more expensive gun will prevent gun crime.   

       This is the most horrible abortion of an idea I've seen since I don't know when. Don't re-work it, scrap it.
Voice, Oct 25 2015

       Until the last sentence I was thinking that the core of the idea was actually interesting if slightly flawed. One problem with guns is keeping them out of the hands of criminals. Since the criminals have them, the good guys need them to. If background checks are enforced and are required every time an expiring gun is purchased or rebuilt, then within a few hundred years all the unlimited guns will wear out and it would become harder and harder for criminals to get guns. When they did manage to steal one, it would only be good for a short time. There are of course many problems that would make that solution unlikely to work, but that just makes it half-baked.   

       But your last sentence seems to say the purpose of all this is just to make it harder or more expensive for people to train and "compulsion" implies that you think they have a mental disorder. [-]
scad mientist, Oct 25 2015

       //within a few hundred years all the unlimited guns will wear out//   

       In about 20 years the ability to print a handgun will be in the hands of even the least capable citizen, as long as (increasingly likely) he has a 3-D printer. Before a few hundred years have passed the manufacturing landscape will have changed far beyond recognition.
Voice, Oct 25 2015

       So... [Steamboat] wants to create a gun that's only useful for someone to go on a single killing spree, with a countdown to tell the gunner when it's time for the suicide shot.   

       It does kind of point out the lack of rational thought that goes into most gun-limitation schemes.
lurch, Oct 25 2015

       If an assassin is a hired gun, does that make a retired assassin an expired gun?
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 25 2015

       Sounds like one of those 3D printed guns that the us government banned or tried to ban.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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