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edible mouse trap

humane trap made of cheese (cheap cheese)
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enough cheese to keep it busy all night so that you can dispose of it in the morning.
po, Mar 18 2008

on the other hand, here is the cheese trap... http://video.aol.co...eese-trap/693351996
[xandram, Mar 18 2008]


       They actually prefer bacon rind, or chocolate..... so if you had an entrance hole, that allowed in a slim mouse, the overnight gorged specimen would not be able to escape. An exercise wheel, hooked up to a generator, would permit the overweight prisoner to power up some storage batteries and earn its freedom as it slimmed down again.
Is that the general idea, or have I gone too far?
xenzag, Mar 18 2008

       no, that's even better.   

       mind you, I was thinking that he/she would be eating their way out of it.
po, Mar 18 2008

       not an edible mouse then ;)
xandram, Mar 18 2008

       Ah. I was thinking you were planning to pop the whole thing, mouse and all, in your mouth. (Or maybe feed it to your cat.)
DrCurry, Mar 18 2008

       no, you didn't - you know me better than that!
po, Mar 18 2008

       You didn't read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell?
DrCurry, Mar 18 2008

       You could always flash-freeze it and drop it in your gin.
angel, Mar 18 2008

       "Ah, I'll have a double gin with a frozen cheesy mouse in it, and put a good head on it, barman !"
8th of 7, Mar 18 2008

       It should be made of peanut brittle, incorporate a wheel and recharge a wireless computer mouse.
nineteenthly, Mar 18 2008

       [xenzag] Meeshkies can fit into the slimmest of openings - it is quite amazing. I doubt you could put enough peanut butter in the "mouse hotel" to enbig it enough to cause your trap to be effective.   

       This reminds me. I saw a bird trying to abscond away with a giant moth a few days ago, in its mouth with which it could not fly to save its life, and I thought, bird trap (like the old monkey-banana trap)? I walked right up to it, albeit slowly, and it did flap-flap enough to get away from me temporarily, but it would not release its prize. I just knew if I really wanted crow for breakfast that morning, I was quick enough to at least convince it that the moth wasn't worth dying for. How does all of this relate to the idea at hand? Who knows? I just like to tell interesting stories about animals.
globaltourniquet, Mar 18 2008

       Mouse Problem Solved.
skinflaps, Mar 18 2008

       [globaltourniquet], once again i am reminded of how boring the wildlife is in England. Unless you live here too, that is, in which case wow.
nineteenthly, Mar 18 2008

       wildlife is NOT boring in the UK, how dare you.   

       I saw a lesser spotted Oddie this lunchtime.
po, Mar 19 2008

       Just how big does a moth have to be to prevent a crow from taking off?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2008

       2.7 lb - bra size 50 K
po, Mar 19 2008

       You caught me. It was not a crow. I just liked the idea of wanting to actually eat crow for breakfast. It was more like a sparrow, but "If I really wanted sparrow..." just didn't have the same delightful feel. Sorry.
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       But how do you kill the mouse?
nomocrow, Mar 20 2008

       With kindness, apparently.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       you don't.
po, Mar 20 2008

       Just mail the mouse to someone, as if it were a hamster.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       You mean like a tiny mouse-sized suit of chainmail for a mouse ? Or plate armor, like an armadillo ?   

       Combat mice ? Mouse Jousting ?
8th of 7, Mar 21 2008

       """Ah, I'll have a double gin with a frozen cheesy mouse in it, and put a good head on it, barman !" 8th of 7, Mar 18 2008""   

       Twist of lemming, sir?
copycat042, Mar 21 2008

       What do you do with the not-killed mouse?
nomocrow, Mar 21 2008

       ... and baited with a refrigerator.
lurch, Mar 21 2008

       I envision a popsicle like treat, in the shape of a trapped mouse.
bungston, Mar 21 2008

       Our domestic assistant killed a mouse last friday. It wasn't even living inside the house: she saw it collecting leaves out on the backyard and decided to kill him anyways.   

       I love this amiable trap for innocent creatures. How about a cruel trap for cruel domestic assistants? ARRRGHHHHHH!!!!
Pericles, Mar 23 2008

       The likelihood of the mouse staying all night to eat the cheese is small. Couple that with the fact that A) it'll just run away when you enter the room and B) even if it didn't run away, you'd have to catch/kill it yourself....   

       And plus, a huge chunk of cheese left of the floor is a waste of good food, it's unsanitary, and for every mouse you 'catch' you're bound to attract a dozen roaches....
Doublexwhy, Mar 24 2008

       the thing is doubleXY, it runs into the trap and has to eat its way out.   

       and do you realise there is no way out of the hb for you?   

       should I have put an apostrophe in *that* its?   

       edit - that *its*
po, Mar 24 2008

       "Domestic assistant"   

       Oh wow. Political correctness has reached the 1/2 B.   

       I've always been a bit partial to the term "the help".   

       As to the idea, rat pellets are eddible, shirley?
Custardguts, Mar 25 2008

       // rat pellets are eddible //   

       In theory, yes - the normal ones are, but if you get the Animal Rights ones, you find they're still highly toxic, but so hard the rats can't eat them........
8th of 7, Mar 25 2008

       //Our domestic assistant killed a mouse last friday. //   

       You should get a maid. She could have another servant get rid of the mouse.   

       Perhaps a whipping boy in case either of them offend you by accidentally killing it.
nomocrow, Mar 25 2008


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