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Exploding Glowstick

glowsticks as bomb delivering devices
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since glowsticks use a basic principle that separates two reactive chemicals, this can be applied to other chemicals. heck, even baking powder and vinegar would explode under pressure.

i envision a quiver full of lightweight, relatively safe transporting explosives.

the applications are endless.

tcarson, May 27 2006

Google on binary explosive. http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
[Shz, May 31 2006]

Example http://oditechnolog...ary_explosives.html
[Shz, May 31 2006]


       by the way, what was the "Product: Bomb: Happy" category for? it kinda worries me. i imagine smiling shrapnel, eesh
tcarson, May 27 2006

       Around ten years ago I bought a "Bomb Bag". It was a little Mylar packet with baking powder in it, along with a little capsule of vinegar. It was loud.
baconbrain, May 27 2006

       Don't rocket motors sort of work that way?   

       The "Product: Weapon: Bomb: Happy" category, tcarson, grew around devices that explode and make everybody happy (or at least distracted with something other than war), like something out of Stanislav Lem's The Futuorological Congress. (If you haven't read that, I recommend it, it's a funny and inventive story.)
jutta, May 27 2006

       thanks [jutta] i'll have to see if i can find that.
tcarson, May 28 2006

       Can we call it a 'binary explosive'? It just sounds cool. ;)
Shz, May 31 2006

       i think the relevance to glowsticks is pretty well lost once the description is given.   

       problem: wouldnt it explode IMMEDIATELY after you mixed the chemicals?   

       sell them to Iraq? (ouch)
epicproblem, May 31 2006

       To maintain relevance to the original idea, how about mixing in with the glowing chemicals something that would outgas significantly (via something like bicarbonate decomposition) and something to promote foaming (so the expanding gas would be trapped in bubbles rather than just forming a large gas pocket)? Then one could have a gizmo that would expand like a waterballoon until it burst, spattering glowing stuff everywhere.   

       Not sure what that would be useful for, but it would fit the idea title.
supercat, May 31 2006

       //Product: Bomb: Happy" category for? it kinda worries me. i imagine smiling shrapnel//   

       You've been playing Unreal Tournament 99 with the Chaos Mod haven't you? ;)   

       //problem: wouldnt it explode IMMEDIATELY after you mixed the chemicals?//   

       Not if the explosion only occurred after a certain amount of mixing, giving you enough time to snap it, throw, and run away terribly quickly.
kuupuuluu, May 31 2006

       [epicproblem], it wouldn't explode immediately after the chemicals are mixed because it would rely on pressure build up, i gues i didn't quite explain that well enough. that is why i mentioned baking powder and vinegar.
tcarson, May 31 2006


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