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Instant Air Raid

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A mercenery corporation (they exist) could market and sell single-use radio beacons to governments and freedom fighters that could be activated and launched/thrown/affixed to a likely target. In minutes, the company's nearest bomber would recieve the summons and relieve itself of its payload over said target. It would come in three intensities- surgical, standard, and instant sunrise. Keep out of reach of children!
AntiMcDonaldsCorps, Mar 22 2003


       That's a rather willy-nilly approach to anarchy/greed/revenge, isn't it?
Nice nic, though.
thumbwax, Mar 22 2003

       Yes, I actually run an organization of the same name (as my nic) in which everyone is welcome, and all are united by one thing- their hate for that most insidious of corporations, McDonalds. <ontopic>Well, in a dystopian world where cash is king, much like our own, it's not to difficult to fathom. And it would likely have safety features and failsafes. I guess it could be purchased as two parts, the actual beacon and the controller, so as to retroactively deactivate the beacon. And perhaps towns that paid a fee could be in a corporate-sponsored no-bomb zone.
AntiMcDonaldsCorps, Mar 22 2003

       Is that my cel phone ringing, or yours?   

       We have enough free lancers in this world without cursing it with more. And even mercenaries have to get permission to fly through other people's airspace.
DrCurry, Mar 22 2003

       I should move this to evil, because this is an evil idea, not meant to really be taken seriously as pertaining to our society. *moves it to evil*.
AntiMcDonaldsCorps, Mar 22 2003

       Awww . . . ! Now what did you go and do that for? It's not *too* terribly evil! Remember, it's not evil if it's hilarious.
sehrgut, Oct 25 2005


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