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Exploding Guitar

The ultimate way to end to the perfect solo.
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The whammy bar could be replaced with a plunger that woul detonate the explosives in the body of the guitar. A non-suicidal version could remotely activate pyrotechnics elsewhere.
jaksplat, Jan 12 2005

Exploding Guitar http://www.tssphoto.../pd14/pd082098.html
*shudder* [calum, Jan 12 2005]

(?) The late guitarist used to launch fireworks from his guitar http://www.suite101...tin.cfm/17512/12050
[normzone, Jan 12 2005]


       I hope this doesn't pave the way for the exploding groupie ...   

       I can understand your second point - the remote activation of things that explode by the musician is good. A little too late for James Hetfield, but okay.   

       Half-credit from me ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 12 2005

       [marked-for-deletion] sorry, but this isn't an idea, explosives exist, guitars exist, this is a "Let's all attach explosives to guitars" or "Let's all attach a detonator to guitars".
neilp, Jan 12 2005

       I don't think this should be marked-for-&c., as, to the best of my knowledge, exploding guitars are not widely known to exist. This is, in my opinion, not a let's all.
calum, Jan 12 2005

       [calum] you might be right, but it's not an idea either. The // A non-suicidal version could remotely activate pyrotechnics elsewhere.// kind of indicates [jaksplat]'s not quite sure what it is either.
neilp, Jan 12 2005

       Pretty much baked by the late Great White [link]
normzone, Jan 12 2005

       "detonate the explosives in the body of the guitar"
"...one guitar, just blew him away..."
half, Jan 12 2005

       What [neilp] said. Sorry, this is 'put a thing on a guitar that will do something'. It can replace the whammy bar (tremelo arm for our Shadows fixated friends!) and it can either blow up the guitar or can do something else.

We can do this already via existing technology. What would you like to see happen?
gnomethang, Jan 12 2005

       Does this remind anyone else of 'Espedair Street' by Iain Banks?
<Aside>Great White did a fantastic cover of the Zep's 'since I been loving you' at Hammersmith in 1989. They were supporting Steve Vai.</Aside>
gnomethang, Jan 12 2005

       [gnomethang] I would like to see Kid Rock blow himself to smithereens live in concert. Bah wit da bah KABOOM!!! [neilp] Note the slightly more appropriate category.
jaksplat, Jan 13 2005

       [neilp], try your reasoning on [FarmerJohn]'s extremely well-voted idea, "Knowing when it’s half full or empty" as follows: "Sorry, but this isn't an idea, measurement lines exist, measuring cups exist, even measurement lines on measuring cups exist, this is "Let's all put more measurment lines on measuring cups".
Mustardface, Jan 13 2005

       [Mustard] I htink my reasoning would be more along the lines of "let's all put measuring lines on measuring cups, but a new and much more useful angle that no-one has ever done before", that's the difference between an idea, and a mindless post suggesting putting a detonation device on a guitar.

P.S. [jak] nice choice of category.
neilp, Jan 13 2005

       [Neilp] I agree that the post does not describe an idea that is truly useful. It's really just a joke. Jokes are ideas, but, I understand they are not the type of ideas the Creator of Halfbakery wishes to have therein.
Mustardface, Jan 13 2005

       You mean like the hammer virus?
jaksplat, Jan 13 2005

       Yes, exactly: Like the Hammer Virus. I like "just a joke" ideas. That's why I questioned [neilp]'s reasoning in my first annotation on your idea. Then, he clarified and I agreed. But I like "just a joke" ideas.   

       I would like to find a place like Halfbakery that uses a purer definition of "idea". At Halfbakery, the valued ideas seem to be a lot about being useful or actually worth money. It goes along with the concept of "I want to be an Inventor".   

       I like the fun of creative thinking, a small part of which is ideas for the actual invention of solutions and products.   

       It's OK with me if others enjoy only the Halfbakery subset of ideas.
Mustardface, Jan 16 2005

       I think we need Afro to come back and show the author how it's done.
waugsqueke, Jan 16 2005


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