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freeway chapel performance art

... they are the cathedrals of out time ...
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In the movie "True Stories" (see it, it's worth it) This guy says "Freeways are the cathedrals of our time" That line really stuck with me. I have a love-hate relation with these super structures, and since I never drive anywhere, I often get to see them up close-- (they're bigger than you think they are, if you always stay in a car)

I'd like to do a performance art piece where a modern church service, in praise of modern things would be held in one of the towering empty spaces beneath a freeway. Music would be composed to sound holy when mixed with the nose of roaring cars. The priest would stand on top a heap of crushed cars and have a television for a head.

There could even be freeway monks who would walk among the huge columns singing harmonic songs about the beauty of speed.

futurebird, Jun 30 2001

Survival Research Labs http://www.srl.org/
Some of their shows are a bit like what you describe. I've attended one under an overpass - the cement pillars and empty space made for a good fire- and noise-friendly area. [jutta, Jun 30 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The Fremont Troll http://emperor.tidb.../adam/photos/troll/
All-gargoyle use of subsuperhighway space; often decorated by locals. [hello_c, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Mephista: there are many such places in Seattle. It's hilly here and the freeways use a combination of earth cuts and pillars to keep the roadway more or less level.   

       The troll that hello_c linked to is under a bridge that leads from a small hill, over a lake, to a larger hill.
wiml, Jul 01 2001


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