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Exploding Trashcan

Inspired by st3f's profile.
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The usual computer trashcan icon (or "recycle bin" - how lame!) allows one to delete files, and "empty the trash." This is suitable for routine cleanup, but is not quite the soul-satisfying experience one longs for when deleting spam.

I want another pull-down option besides "empty." I want "detonate" or "explode!"

Optional ignition by graphically lighting a long fuse, to build the anticipation.

KABOOM! Catharsis! Aahhhh!

csea, Jan 08 2007

st3f's profile http://www.halfbakery.com/user/st3f
see his email comment [csea, Jan 09 2007]

(?) Empty Recycle Bin Detonation Animation http://www.where2go...ecycle_detonate.zip
download and follow instructions in my anno [paix120, Mar 29 2009]

(?) VB.NET Source Code http://www.where2go...owsApplication1.zip
Please someone with time & skills make this better. [paix120, Mar 29 2009]


       [21 Quest], I don't think so. Got a [link]?
csea, Jan 08 2007

       I was actually somewhat surprised to search and not find anything except a bunch of videos of the real thing.
csea, Jan 08 2007

       Thanks, [calum]. Fixed.
csea, Jan 09 2007

       + I'd really like this as a full sized screen, too.
xandram, Jan 10 2007

       Thought this was a fun idea. I put together a quick & cheesy version (link).   

       Download & unzip. Right-click on WindowsApplication1.exe and select Send To > Desktop (shortcut)   

       Rename the shortcut something fun like "detonate".   

       I included the source files at the 2nd link above so someone else can make it fancier with a full-screen graphic, etc.
paix120, Mar 29 2009

       I thought this would be silly and I'd never use it, but I was having a rough time with some annoying files the other day and decided to run my little program instead of just 'empty recycle bin'. The cheezy explosion definitely was cathartic :)
paix120, Apr 08 2009

       The explosion is nice, but for some reason an all-consuming, searing flame erupting from the recycle bin, leaving the icons directly above it scorched, while I yell "burn, burn! Bwahahahahaaaa", would be more cathartic for me. [+] in any case.
Veho, Apr 08 2009


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