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collectible spam

game of spam/circulars
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to make a game out of it,different peices of a spam puzzle sent to different recipients- completed by contacting the other email addresses on the list
technobadger, Nov 08 2001

(?) Spam Lottery http://www.state.nj...stantgames/i280.htm
only in Jersey [prometheus, Nov 08 2001]

Spam Museum http://www.roadside...ract/MNAUSspam.html
Oh, hang on, wait... [hippo, Nov 08 2001]

(?) The Great Spam Archive http://www.annexia.org/spam/
This guy's been collecting every bit of spam sent to him since 1997 [hippo, Nov 08 2001]

The Antique Roadshow site http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/roadshow/
Blather for the show [bristolz, Nov 08 2001]


       Sounds like an old boss' (boss's?) idea for "viral marketing".
LeBain, Nov 08 2001

       Do you mean to tell me that spam isn't already collectible?! Rats! I've been wasting my time!
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2001

       The Spam archive link is amazing.

When I saw the title to this link I imagined a scene, a few years hence, where someone was having their treasured piece of spam appraised on the _The Antique Roadshow_ (see link for description of show)
bristolz, Nov 09 2001

       I know fax machines are pretty old hat now but we have one at work which is quite useful and overnight it goes into overdrive - pages and pages of useless dross. some offensive stuff too.
po, Nov 11 2001


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