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Explosive Power Lines

Yet another use for that magnificent creation known as 'Detcord'.
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This idea is similar to my post titled 'Pirate Welcome Mat'. Overhead power transmission cables should be encased in a detcord sleeve, with weight sensors attached to the cable atop each supporting pole. If a tree or parachutist falls on the cable and the weight isn't removed in, say, 15 minutes, the detcord sleeve along that section of cable detonates. This saves the cable company the hassle of trying to remove fallen tree branches, then having to test the stretch of cable for integrity and possibly take down/replace the whole thing by cutting (hehehe) the crap and going straight to the replacement phase, and ensures timely release for trapped parachutists.

My favorite possible side benefit would be the rapid deployment of pole-top scarecrows, as they'd just look so cool all the way up there.

21 Quest, Nov 09 2012

Power line moose http://www.snopes.c...imals/poormoose.asp
[ytk, Nov 09 2012]

Don't forget the traffic flow http://www.halfbake...20with_20the_20Wind
(sorry norm, didn't mean to delete this) [21 Quest, Nov 09 2012]


       //tree or parachutist//

       Or, you know, the occasional moose (link).
ytk, Nov 09 2012

       Awesome link, ytk. Here in the US, we usually content ourselves with tossing laced-together shoes up there...
21 Quest, Nov 09 2012

       beheading power line thieves [+]
Voice, Nov 10 2012


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