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Extinguisher clock alarm

Wake up wet, safe and ready
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This is an alarm clock of really any size, with a built-in nozzle and wifi receiver. When your home security system or any customized fire alarm in the house detects fire, the clock's built-in extinguisher shoots a warning shot at your bed and stands ready to be used as fire control.
4and20, Sep 05 2012

Short but effective http://www.youtube....watch?v=tSktUJF2EYY
Is that a fire extinguisher or... [4and20, Sep 05 2012]

Almost prior art? http://www.ebay.com...isher-/140532866003
Or just for show? [4and20, Sep 05 2012]

That first video is pretty cruel, you could blind somebody like that Firing_20firearms_2...guisher_20accessory
Of course, that would be the intent of this vaguely related idea... [normzone, Sep 05 2012]




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