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Extreme Hoppity Hop

Get bouncy.
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Every spot is extreme these days. It sells more soda. Hoppity Hop is ripe for conversion into an extreme sport, and inclusion in the X-games. There would need to be a custom ramp with slides, drops etc for Hoppity Hop superstars to hop their stuff. Custom, helium-inflated Hoppity hops might be used. Custom Hoppity Hop paintjobs of eyeballs et would be derigeur.
bungston, Jan 01 2005

Hoppity hop http://inventors.ab...s/blspacehopper.htm
[bungston, Jan 01 2005]

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       These things are already an extreme sport [bungston] - I got one for my 21st birthday and promptly destroyed ligaments in both knees. The rum had nothing to do with it.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 03 2005


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