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Indoor Sports

Activity for Tunnel Vision Types
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NOTE: Not for those of you with Claustophobia.Nor with. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. At Two AM, Have someone drive you and your atlletic friend to Tenth Avenue and Fortieth Street in New York City.Arrainge to meet the driver in Hoboken, (NJ) in one hour's time.(More or Less) Bring your equiptment; (Small rubber ball)

Watch traffic, enter Tunnel, Play interstate hand ball. Work your way Eest, utilizing both the North and South walls and watch out for traffic. Winner has to reach New Jersey first and intact,surviving Taxis/Rubber necking Sight Seeing Busses/pan handlers and the occasional mugger. Meet your driver, drive south to the Holland tunnel for a rematch. (No toll required to return East to NY!)

bluto, May 19 2003


       When boiling water for pasta, do you add Olive Oyl?
thumbwax, May 19 2003

       In believing that there are several, if not more, tunnels all over the world, am I labouring under a misapprehension?
my face your, May 19 2003

       A map might help,i havn't got a clue where your going down here.
skinflaps, May 19 2003


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