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Live slow-motion action replay

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I was at the athletics over the weekend. One downside of athletics is that sometimes things happen very fast (e.g. the 100m sprint) and you can only really appreciate what happened by watching the slow-motion action replay which is shown on big screens.

However, I didn't pay lots of money for a ticket to the event just to go all the way there and, essentially, watch television. What should happen is the action replay should be live, with the same runners re-enacting the race on the track at half speed, and keeping to the same positions relative to one another at all stages of the race (radio earpieces may be needed for this).

Before anyone else says it, I am aware that there are some athletic events (e.g. pole vault) where this approach may not work because of physics, and some events (e.g. the marathon) where a half-speed event might be boring.
hippo, Aug 07 2017


       Pole vault could use those stage flying harnesses
pocmloc, Aug 07 2017

       You mean they'd have to re-enact the event multiple times from different angles? On the audience-controlled outcome, I'm not sure this is really in the spirit of an action replay...
hippo, Aug 09 2017

       I worry that the athletes themselves will be too focused on doing athletics, and after the event perhaps too emotional about the outcome to perform an accurate replay.   

       But that does not mean it should not be done. Once you dispense with the idea of the athletes playing themselves there are many options for various replay types, with actors playing the parts of the athletes. Some might be accurate representations, with actors that resemble the athletes. Others would be more artistic and less true to life, with the replay connoting various other aspects of the athetic event, real and imagined.   

       I tried for high minded prose there but really I want rodeo clowns at all sporting events.
bungston, Aug 09 2017


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