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Extreme Hungry Hungry Hippo

The popular children's game...with real hippos.
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Four live hippos try to eat as many watermelons as they can--as fast as they can. This game is fast-paced and riotous for kids who get to take turns popping a whole watermelon into the ring, then furiously pulling on their hippo's tail (or other manuevers...) to catch the prize. As if that's not enough, in the advanced game, 20 watermelons are released at the same time. Utter mayhem ensues, and whoever snares the most melons wins.

One repetitive movement is all that is necessary to start the hippos munching! Each hippo can be activated with one isolated finger or an entire hand. Try to make your hippo eat the most melons and win the game. It's an ideal first game because parallel play is used along with the beginning concept of competition. Also handy in developing dexterity as competitors nimbly skip out of the path of enraged, rampaging hippopotami.

deadbird, Apr 29 2004

Cute and cuddly hippos http://www.meandmep.../Hippos/Hippo7.html
"Males use many threat displays including yawning (with or without water scooping), head shaking, rearing, roaring, grunting and dung showering." (I've watched that last bit myself. Yuk!) [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Do hippos eat watermelons? The last one I saw was busy chowing down on grass. Just remember that these cute and cuddly animals are amongst the most dangerous in Africa, killing more people per year than crocodiles.
DrCurry, Apr 29 2004

       Mindless hilarity, just like the original. [+]
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 29 2004

       Does pulling on its tail or doing some sort of repetitive movement with an isolated finger or entire hand make a hippopotamus eat faster?
AO, Apr 29 2004

       Honestly, I don't know yet. Extreme Hungry Hungry Aardvarks and Extreme Hungry Hungry Weasels both were very promising. However, marketing issues killed them.
deadbird, Apr 29 2004

       I don't actually like watermelon
hippo, Apr 29 2004

       Thank you for weighing in on that important issue.
k_sra, Apr 29 2004

       You had my bun with the title alone.
bungston, Apr 29 2004

       Are you extremely hungry, [hippo]?
AO, Apr 29 2004

       The doctor is correct, hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, from what I've read.
ghillie, Apr 29 2004

       BTW, I just stumbled upon this site today. Any similarities to actual people are completely coincidental and unintended. Unless it's funny.
deadbird, Apr 29 2004

       Howdy, deadbird. Nice start. Does make me wonder what's next, though. Slightly Peckish Hungry Hippos?
lostdog, Apr 29 2004

       Have a betting window as well. I'll take $5 on purple in the second round.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 29 2004

       I don't think I really want to know how a hippo can be "activated with one isolated finger". Buns up from me, anyway!
justaguy, Apr 30 2004

       "Activated" like activated into turning round and biting your arm off at the shoulder? (+)
squeak, Apr 30 2004

       Would provide the isolated finger, certainly...
david_scothern, Dec 03 2004

DesertFox, Dec 03 2004

       Get back to work, [DF] :-]
normzone, Dec 03 2004


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