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Ethea Bored Game

A kitsch board game to be played alone.
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This board game can be played alone, so instead of a competitive conflict betwixt adverse players, the single player of this board game can choose paths through the conflicting ethea of other people.

The Ethea Bored Game begins like most board games at a point of origin, and then navigates through the dominant rational systems of the respective player types. Will the player navigate to predestined first place through a structured series of rational choice decisions with the paranoia that someone is watching with the rules, or a wide variety of other player types? These will be featured in later editions.

rcarty, Nov 24 2012

Multiple endings http://en.wikipedia..._ending#Video_games
[CraigD, Nov 24 2012]


       So it's sort of 'Monopoly: The Honor System Edition'? 'Cos that's been tried, and it turned out that Big Brother wasn't watching very closely...
Alterother, Nov 24 2012

rcarty, Nov 24 2012

       The Simpsons nuclear family model in the age of nuclear control.
rcarty, Nov 24 2012

       The Homer Simpson Edition.
rcarty, Nov 24 2012

       Sounds a lot like a boardgame version of the “multiple endings” feature common to many video games.   

       [+] I’d love to see the board – enough half-baking, just draw it!
CraigD, Nov 24 2012

       Habermaze: Lifeworlds!
rcarty, Nov 24 2012

       The esoteric ones are really.
rcarty, Nov 25 2012

       People who relate what you do to their own knowledge base and determine if they will reproduce functionalism or if your functionalism should not be produced by even you.
rcarty, Nov 25 2012

       Giving someone the winning idea and then losing the game. The dominus spiritus.
rcarty, Nov 25 2012

       Exploring the subjecispace of possibilities.
rcarty, Nov 26 2012

       A player that follows one book of rules, and a player that follows multiple books of rules for the same game. Outcome of playing determines what book methodology is used
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       A player that plays based on the physical features of the board, and one that plays based on the rule book.
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       A player that plays to be alone, and one that plays to win friends.
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       I like the concept of bored games.
pashute, Nov 29 2012

       On some level the bored game could be a fast food outlet or a maze like furniture store called Idea.
rcarty, Dec 12 2012


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