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Extreme Limbo

bend over backwards and slide under the bar
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Limbo dancing requires the participant to bend over backwards and shimmy under a gradually lowering bar, without the ground touching any part of their back or their front making contact with the bar.

Extreme limbo adds a few extra features to this already most dim-witted activity.

First of all the bar is an active bridge for an ant colony, meaning that every time it's moved, the ants become more agitated, angry, and ready to attack anything upon which they come into contact.

The second part of extreme limbo involves the ground area being covered with leaves cut from that most nasty of plants, the giant hog-weed.

An unsuccessful foolhardy candidate may therefore experience the double impact of both the initial ant attack and the long lasting effects of the stinging hog-weed.

xenzag, Jul 25 2010


       What's not to like? [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2010

       Well there's the ants and the hogweed for a start. Did I mention the intermittent jets of boiling hot steam and the referee's pointed stick?
xenzag, Jul 25 2010

       Yes, you did.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2010

       Every time the bar is lowered, the remaining contestants should also remove one article of clothing, increasing the overall surface area of bared skin sensitive to attack.
DrWorm, Jul 25 2010

       Sooo... just to be sure, we aren't going for death here?
daseva, Jul 25 2010

       and the limbo pole is covered with barbed wire and razor blades?
Cedar Park, Jul 26 2010

       Call me old fashioned, but when a 'baker used to reinvent such a simple thing as an 'extreme version of a game' there would be an almost literal call for List. The post itself would be pages of details regarding the pole, the participants, the ensuing grief bestowed upon the losers. This is far too simple to be considered 'extreme limbo' in our books, imho... All this being said, please remember that I speak for nobody and my perspective is too often shortsighted and delusive. []
daseva, Jul 26 2010

       It's not really about an actual limbo.... more about an act of contrition.
xenzag, Jul 26 2010

       Hmmm... would the limbo dancers know ahead of time exactly what was at stake if they fail to perform flawlessly?
Grogster, Jul 26 2010

       Ants and hogweed leaves are hard to conceal.
xenzag, Jul 26 2010

       I don't really get it - any particular significance attached to the ants, or the hogweed, or the limbo?   

       Apart from it being a "dim-witted activity", is there something else about limbo dancing, ants and hogweed we should be aware of - or would this idea be just as good if we substituted angry pigeons and nettles, or vexed jellyfish and sea-urchins? Could we replace the limbo thing with other bar-related sports such as high-jump and/or pole vaulting, or is it only going *under* the bar in a bendy, rum-fuelled manner that's "dim-witted"?   

       Confused, Limbodge-Wells.
zen_tom, Jul 26 2010

       heyd, do you think if you had a tube with carbon deposits on the inside that you wanted to get rid of, that running some pure oxygen through the tube and lighting the carbon would work ? ... or would you just end up with a puddle.
FlyingToaster, Jul 26 2010

       I had hoped that this extreme limbo would address the main problem of limbo, which is that horizontality is all that is asked. Limbo which requires degrees of bend past 90 would obviously be the next stage of limbo evolution.
bungston, Jul 26 2010

       Yes, [xenzag], I understand that //ants and hogweed leaves are hard to conceal// but I was thinking about the circumstances under which someone might "sign up" for this activity. Might one see an entry form in the back of an S&M trade magazine and think, "...oh look, that sounds like loads of jolly fun..."? I'm assuming fine print, or perhaps the names and contact information for the next of kin on the entry form as something of a dead giveaway (pun intended)? Or, did you imagine that this activity would be taking place on a beach at random and a vacationing impulse-buyer happens along?
Grogster, Jul 27 2010

       There are always those for whom no challenge is ever enough, and even when facing almost certain pain and failure, persist with their course of action.
xenzag, Jul 27 2010

       Oh, you mean census takers. *NOW* I understand...
Grogster, Jul 27 2010


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