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dress code for riding camels, starting with socks

as in all sports, equipment is an essential element and I believe that up to this point, what people wear when riding camels has been sadly neglected.
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one of the reasons I like camels so much is their appearance; they have long eyelashes and a split lip that curves up and a humped back, so that they resemble stuffed toys, but more than that, there is the great fun of riding them. their gait throws the rider forwards and backwards, a really bumpy ride. one could get seasick from the swaying.

by the way, did you know that Lawrence of Arabia hated camels?

a camel can carry 500kg so we can more or less wear as much or as little as we like. I am told that as a rule of thumb, only females are ridden traditionally as the males make a song and dance of it all and tend to spit. It is a misconception that the animal stores water - it does not but, thanks to the fact it loses body liquids slowly, it can go without drinking for several days. it builds up a great thirst and at the end of a fast, the camel can drink between 60-100 litres of water in a space of 15 minutes. on average they need only to be watered every three to four days.

Anyway, back to the dresscode (apologies, I could witter on forever about camels) there are some camel riders among us and they shall remain nameless, who have the most appalling taste in socks. so let us begin this quest with the humble sock. plain and woollen, please and any colour except red or white.

po, May 18 2002

Mojari http://www.eshakti....0251&storeid=900200
"You always fancied them, but they pinched." [reensure, May 19 2002]

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Why is it wearing a helmet? [baconbrain, Sep 09 2005]


       Without peeking, I'm guessing this is [po]'s.
phoenix, May 18 2002

       *bling* That's a point for me. Shirley, the only acceptable colors would coordinate with the animal's fur, no?
phoenix, May 18 2002

       Local custom prevails
thumbwax, May 18 2002

       Is camel riding a sport? Oh, who cares? I'm speechless.
pottedstu, May 18 2002

       Camel racing is certainly a sport (in fact, some call it "The Sport of Emirs"). I was always of the belief that the camel-jockey's silks should co-ordinate to the stable owner's officially registered colors with the WWCRA--that is, the World Wide Camel Racing Association-- or flag colors when national pride is at stake.
jurist, May 19 2002

       The crucial issue is to ensure that the legs are adequately protected from the camel ticks. My recommendation for this is aquamarine jodhpurs, but they don't have to be aquamarine. As you probably know Arabs don't wear socks very often, so most camel jockeys I know just wear sandals.
Bruce, May 19 2002

       thanks for your ever erudite in-put, jurist. I only go by what I see UB.
po, May 19 2002

       Camel was an interesting progressive English band from the seventies. Other than that, I'm no Camel fan. Cigarettes included. Fish and bone.
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

       So was Fish, insofar as they got some FM play.   

       Back to the dress code, would black socks be appropriate if the sand-skipper wore a black scarf tied about the face as if it were a blindfold?
reensure, May 19 2002

       Puttee hat, Jodpurs, safari jacket, riding crop, jack boots, and pencil thin mustache, both sexes. "Poor devil!". Someday I'm going to organize a hiking club that requires its hikers to wear this gear. When passing other hikers, club members are required to stare intently and if spoken to ("Hi.") say nothing more than, "Poor devil", inflected as you so choose, preferably after looking the person up and down, and saying it to no one in particular. Camel optional.
entremanure, May 20 2002

       I can't believe I've been here for more than a year and never found this, so I am churning it up to the top of the list.
ato_de, Mar 12 2004

       You like camels?
po, Mar 12 2004

       //you like camels?// Not particularly. I just like the idea and think it deserves more buns.   

       "I said 'NO CAMELS!' That's four camels. Can't you count?"
-Indiana Jones.
ato_de, Mar 12 2004

       How do you get the socks onto the camel? I've been trying for 20 minutes now and the damn thing is spitting at me.
Fishrat, Mar 15 2004

       For an explanation of camel attitude see Terry Pratchett's "Pyramids". Camels should never be fitted with socks, they prefer spats.
unclepete, Mar 15 2004

       //Lawrence of Arabia hated camels//   

       I get the impression that most people hate camels, especially the people who have to associate with them. I'll try to find the quote from a Ken Follett book: "He liked it as much as any man could like a camel, which meant he hated it only a little."   

       Churning this back up to ask what is the proper garb for the new robot camel-jockeys. (The jockeys are robots, not the camels(see link).)
baconbrain, Sep 08 2005

       I like camels as much as the next nomadic Saracen sword wielder but surely this should be [mfd] no idea, list?
DocBrown, Sep 09 2005

       //You like camels?// Should be included as a tagline.
methinksnot, Feb 27 2012


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