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Extrusible Bumper Goo

Its all about kinetic energy
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Ideally, a bu,per serves to absorb the kinetic energy of an impact, protecting the rest of the car. Currently, bumpers convert the energy of an impact into heat, via destruction of the bumper itself.

I propose that the kinetic energy of a collision be converted to kinetic energy of a different object, namely extrusible goo contained within the bumper. EBG-containing bumpers are like big balloons or sausages, and the goo within is a thick, vivdly colored paste. Chemically, it is a soap, and so will wash off. On collision and compression of the bumper, the EBG spews out of special weak points in the bumper, dispersing the energy provided. These weak points are angles such that a rear end collision will tend to goo the windshield of the car behind, and the rear window of the car in front for a collision with the front bumper.

Of course, faster collisions may cause goo to shoot out of other places in the bumper, akin to a stomped ketchup packet. The distance and spread of spewed goo will be helpful to forensics investigators.

bungston, Apr 26 2005

Zimmy's hydro bumper idea Hydro_20Bumper
Very similar idea. But no goo. [bungston, Apr 26 2005]


       What in the world is "extrusible?"
bristolz, Apr 26 2005

       While this would be an ideal application for custard, this has already been tried and discarded in the auto industry using water-filled bumpers.
normzone, Apr 26 2005

       Myxosporidian n. A protozoan parasite of the sporozoan phylum Myxospora or class Myxosporea, chiefly affecting fishes and producing spores with _extrusible_ coiled filaments contained in polar capsules.   

       This was the only appearance of "extrusible" in the OED. I think the proper term would have been extrudable, but that sounds so harsh.
bungston, Apr 26 2005

       A bit like a shock absorber?   

       Long travel on overhead cranes is usually protected with horizontal shock absorbers.
Ling, Apr 26 2005

       [normzone] my hydro bumper idea is baked?
Zimmy, Apr 26 2005

       Which OED are you referencing? Mine sure doesn't have "extrusible" in it. It has "extrusile," though, which means "[c]apable of being thrust forth."   

       "I fancied him and his extrusile member," she said.   

       Maybe you mean "extrusive," which is:
a. Tending to extrude or thrust outwards.
b. Resulting from or characterized by extrusion.
c. Capable of being protruded.

       Or, even, "extrusory," meaning "[t]hat extrudes or thrusts out."   

       Or, maybe, you actually did mean "extrusible," which, in bungstonian apparently means, vaguely, all of these things.
bristolz, Apr 27 2005

       I really like the forensics possibilities, but any liquid would end up causing more wrecks. Imagine a minor fender bender that sprays soap all over the road... 30 minutes later, the fender bender has become a 30 car pile-up.   

       Most bumpers today are filled with styrofoam to absorb energy. Also, styrofoam is light-weight.
cljudge, Apr 27 2005


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