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Hydro Bumper

Water filled Cylinders which evacuate in crash situations
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In addition to crumple zones place Hydro Bumper technology in cars. In a crash event the cylinders filled with water evacuate thier contents to absorb some of the impact. This is currently being done to prevent horrible collisions to overpass support columns in a less technical way by filling barrels full of water and putting them in front of said columns. I had to do it, Hydraulics and Magnets are to me about as cool as God.
Zimmy, Jul 18 2003


       You just submitted this idea to see how long it would take before someone suggested filling the bumper with CUSTARD. Didn't you?
LabRat, Jul 18 2003

       I originally had custard in parenthasis in the idea, but removed it due to my scientific unfamiliarity with the substance.
Zimmy, Jul 18 2003

       Can't hurt to have water sprayed about at the scene of an accident to put the damper on any potential fires too
WanderingKnight, Jul 18 2003

       What about the added weight of carrying all that water around?
simonj, Jul 18 2003

       This would be a great system for fuel cell cars. The bumpers fill gradually as the cells work. I personally think the bumpers should be made of a semi-flexible material, and the only way the cars can stop is by running into something and spraying the water all over the place. It'd be comical, if not efficient.
tekym, Jul 18 2003

       Actually.... here in Toronto, Canada, the older transit busses have / had water filled bumpers. made for quite a water works show when they got in an accident, but it did work. I don't believe they make busses with water filled bumpers anymore, atleast not for sale in canada because they would have to put antifreeze in the water... and that really isn't too good for the surrounding wildlife.
Roadwolf611, Nov 11 2003

       Yes, [Zimmy], in response to your query, this has been done before.   

       They tried this back in the seventies - eighties.......there were problems with weight, and also with leaks which ruined the effectiveness of the bumper in an accident. I don't know if it ever made it into widespread production.
normzone, Apr 27 2005


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