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Eye Pods

Choose your view on life
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Digital music players allow us to soundtrack our lives, choosing the music we desire at any moment. These are a necessity in an industrialized age with so much stray noise. In the same way, Eye Pods allow you to choose your view on life by replacing what you normally see with your own custom background. Urban blight can be replaced with a pastoral scene while still allowing you to see close up details such as oncoming cars and other important items. Traveling through the wastelands of Wyoming can be improved by accessing background footage of Oregon or Hawaii.

I'm unsure of what technology would best make this happen. Perhaps something similar to the blue screen technology used in films. It would need to be able to override background while allowing foreground sights to still be seen.

lingamish, Jul 14 2006

augmented reality quake http://wearables.un...ojects/ARQuake/www/
shooting pretend monsters in the real world. [greyfiend, Jul 15 2006]


       it's called augmented reality and is in development. Check out augmented reality quake (link)... kinda the reverse of your idea, the background is reality while close up details can be computer generated.
greyfiend, Jul 15 2006

       That is REALLY strange!
lingamish, Jul 15 2006

       yeah, it is... not sure about the idea of kids running around in my reality with guns to shoot virtual monsters... interesting concept though.
greyfiend, Jul 15 2006


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