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Eye braces

Cure myopia - without surgery!
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40 year olds! Is that book getting hard to read? Arms too short? Dread glasses, but fear submitting your lenses to the Lasik knife? At the medical division of BUNGCO, we have a simple solution for myopia.

As we age, the eyeball grows longer. Eventually it is hard to focus on things nearby, and glasses are required for reading. But consider - you only use your eye while you are awake. The Eye brace takes a page from the science of orthodontics, and uses gradual pressure over time to reshape the eyeball, turning back the clock to the teenage years of your eye. The eyebrace uses soft pads and a device to wrap around the head. The BUNGCO optolologists will montitor your progress and gradually change the settings on the eyebrace.

Many users have commented that on first waking, their vision is normal for an hour or two. Eventually those two hours stretch into the whole day, with repeated use. Correct your vision naturally with the BUNGCO eyebrace and "Throw your glasses away"!

Warning - look for the BUNGCO name when purchasing your eyebrace. Other eyebraces are not tested as rigorously, and unpredictable results may occur.

bungston, Jul 18 2004

(?) Night time cornea retainers, http://www.wral.com...3022134/detail.html
without the head gear. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Bulk up and tone those eye muscles Bookworm_27s_20Workout_20Equipment
[normzone, Dec 26 2006]


       I'm sure this idea crossed the minds on those involved in early attempts to cure myopia. I wonder if it really works. Bun for creativity though.
Pericles, Jul 18 2004

       <Is that book getting heard to read?>
Love it.

       Baked. I think it's called keratology, or something like that. I knew a guy that slept with these lenses in, back in the early eighties. Probably knocked out of the marketplace by laser surgery.   

       The first link appears to have succumbed to link rot.
normzone, Dec 26 2006

       //and uses gradual pressure over time to reshape the eyeball//   

       Side effects may include excruciating pain and sudden loss of aqueous fluid.
nomocrow, Dec 26 2006


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