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Disposable eye glasses

Disposable eye glasses, not contacts
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Cheap, disposable, compact, "who cares if they break" reading glasses that fold flat, like the old paper frame 3D glasses handed out at movie theaters. If plastic lenses can be made that are satisfactory for the optics required in disposable cameras, I suspect the same plastic lenses could be created for disposable eyeglasses.
Sunstone, Jan 22 2006

Disposable/Recyclable Glasses (Also able to be bought in bulk.) Disposable_2fRecycl...ght_20in_20bulk_2e)
Similar post, however I propose a paper frame, plastic lense, flat folding, very compact design [Sunstone, Jan 22 2006]

This cheap rollup sunglasses design would work fine too http://roll-up-sunglasses.com/
Apologies to ZZ Top [Sunstone, Feb 09 2013]




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