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Eyeglasses for the Blind

Ultrasonic sensors for the blind that look like sunglasses.
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The idea is basicly an array or ultrasonic sensors built into a pair of sunglasses wirelessly connected to a tactile readout built into a watch or bracelet. The sensors would scan 3 vertical fields high, middle and low, and 5 horizontal fields centre, near and far left and right, and then send the information wirelessly to the tactile readout which would pulse faster as the object the sensor sees gets closer, and then the blind can, in a very primative sense, see whats around them, and look damn cool doing it too.
Hirudinea, Jul 14 2009

Like this? http://ieeexplore.i...3&authDecision=-203
Much research and experimentation is underway in this field [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 15 2009]


       Google is your friend - be not afraid to use it before posting.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 15 2009

       they already do this using a 32x32 array and wires in the optic center. one guy with it who's eyes didnt work at all drove a car in a parking lot with the sensor array.   

       I would prefer the blind wear little TV screens on the glasses so you can watch the news or sports while talking to them to keep your interest.(ouch stop throwing things i was kidding ;)
Arcanus, Jul 20 2009


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