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Eyewear Storage Tie

Never lose them again
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Somewhere, there is a distant galaxy that is the receiving end of whatever black hole a multitude of 4000-eyed aliens has created to swallow my sunglasses. Either that, or I just tend to leave them behind.

This semi-fashionable tie (sorry, not available in Scottish Plaid) is designed to confound them by neatly storing my sunglasses in a pocket built into the backside of the tie.

Wear a monocle? Better yet, hang it from the tie-chain and bloop it in the pocket when not in use.

RayfordSteele, Oct 17 2014


       Google tie with pockets. Loads of 'em.   

       No one is googling lately, what's up with that?
tatterdemalion, Oct 17 2014

       Well, at least it's not in other:general   

       There's some folks who have difficulty using that tool.
normzone, Oct 17 2014

       Odd, that tool hasn't posted anything lately ...
8th of 7, Oct 17 2014

       What are these "sunglasses" you speak of..a cheap alternative is sweet wrappers taped to glasses, and you get to eat the sweets.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 18 2014


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