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Combine your dress code and security code
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I work in an office where my badge "must be prominently displayed at all times" somewhere between waist and shoulders. I suspect that the low compliance rate has to do with the awkwardness of pinning or clipping it to one's shirt. I therefore propose Tie-dentification. This would come in one of three varieties.

Staff: This ID Card would come equipped with a tie pin, to affix to your tie.

Junior Executive: This tie comes with a transparent pocket, into which you slide your ID.

Executive: For those who have truly arrived, A dedicated silk screen printer that affixes a permanent image to your company tie. Must be done at the Card Office, fee applies for lost or stolen ties...

dbsousa, May 01 2003

Implantable chips http://www.adsx.com...vpart/verichip.html
[gootyam, Oct 17 2004]


       What do women wear (assuming you have women where you work)?
k_sra, May 01 2003

       Actually, our dress code is "Corporate Casual" so this would only work here if they tightened the dress code. Women could wear a scarf, as blissmiss suggests, or they could bring back the Annie Hall look...   

       Dag, I am in fact wearing a badge lanyard as we speak. But if I had to wear a tie, I wouldn't want to wear both...
dbsousa, May 01 2003

       Perhaps this can be replaced with the belt buckle id for firms in Texas. For engineering firms you could build something right into the pocket protector.
Worldgineer, May 01 2003

       dbsousa: Sheesh - they force you to wear your badge at all times? Next they'll be implanting chips.
DrCurry, May 01 2003

       Doc: Chips are real I'm afraid. Check my link.
gootyam, May 01 2003

       Same in my last gig. Needed the badges to get through virtually every door in the building. We used those ones on little retracting reels that clipped to your belt.   

       No ties, though. Perhaps you could develop a polo-shirt variant of this idea.
waugsqueke, May 01 2003

       I had a client that used to 'do the worm' as he called it. He was a bit short and would stand on tip-toes and do a kind of break-dancing body wave against the RFID reader.   

       Here, the RFID tags are always worn (we have [blissmiss]/[waugs]-style security doors), but as everybody knows everybody else by name, we generally wear our tags behind the tie.   

       One strange thing about the department I work in is that we are required to have our mobile phones operating and on our person 24/7, even at our desks. Perhaps we could have the RFID chip embedded in a photo-sticker that could be stuck on the back of our phones.
FloridaManatee, May 01 2003

       Too funny. My previous employer wanted to chip us all when we moved into the new building - we had to talk him down.
normzone, Oct 17 2014

       Negotiated it down to just the barcode tattoos then, huh ?
8th of 7, Oct 17 2014


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